12 Step Financial Recovery Program
for the Missing Money


The US Treasury is missing trillions of dollars, unaccounted for, according to its own auditors ( Huge sums unaccounted for is like a hole in the milk bucket draining our communities. This must be stopped!

Citizens can fix this. In fact, this will only be fixed by citizens making it happen. Here's what you can do right now:

  1. Focus spiritually: Include in your prayers and meditations the intention to find and get back our missing money, and shift to a healthy financial system.

  2. Make the Petition viral: Sign the petition, tell your friends, throw a petition party, ...

  3. Press the politicians: Press your representatives to take immediate corrective action; make this an election issue; support candidates who will fix the milk bucket; question your candidates (example), post questions and replies on the Forum.

  4. Unleash the media: Demand serious media watchdogging, press your local media to cover this, switch your subscriptions to the people who are covering it, send them donations.

  5. Help get the money back: Challenge accounting firms to submit proposals to the government to track and recover portions of the missing money for a percentage; challenge tax accountants and attorneys to determine enforcement mechanisms citizens can use to uphold constitutional use of government resources.

  6. Promote financial transparency: Demand government disclosure of place based financial and contract data to assist auditors, citizens, and investors; explore the opportunity of a citizen controlled financial databank of resources and money flows within your community (see

  7. Vote with your money (banking): Switch your banking and credit card business to local banks and credit unions that are not complicit in the missing money.

  8. Vote with your money (investments): Refuse non-compliant investment offerings (see "Where is the Collateral?").

  9. Vote with your money (locally): Buy locally and invest locally; support local small businesses and farms; support local organizations that foster healthy economy and environment.

  10. Transform the economy: Help turn your community into a healthy investment-worthy local living economy, while enhancing and protecting local small businesses, farms, and natural resources from predatory behavior (see; share and trade with other communities following suit, worldwide.

  11. Educate: Learn more, and help other people learn more (see Missing Money Articles & Docs, Solari Circles Campaign, and Learning About Solari); cultivate financial literacy so you can participate effectively in a democratic economy, locally and globally.

  12. Enlist others: Form solari circles with trusted friends, associates, neighbors and family members to learn and take action together. Engage with trustworthy lawyers and accountants to determine if there is a legal basis for recapturing missing money through tax escrows or other legal mechanisms.

We must network globally to demand full financial transparency and accountability in government, while we act locally to create investment-worthy local living economies.


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