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UnAnswered Questions for Mel Martinez

As a Republican Candidate for Senate in 2004 you will need to convince Florida voters that you are fiscally responsible and can be trusted to represent them and their families. The following questions are intended to help illuminate your performance by "following the money trail" through key areas of your personal responsibility:

As Cabinet Secretary & Spokesperson for the Bush Administration (2001-2003)

  1. How many US jobs & small businesses have been lost since you joined the Bush Cabinet, and who has made money moving those jobs offshore while moving immigration in?

  2.     Links on Deterioration of US Economy:

        Links on US Immigration Policy:

  3. Why were numerous warnings of 9-11 by foreign officials ignored and how does this relate to 9-11 profiteering? In other words, who made money from our military, intelligence and enforcement failure and the US response to this failure?

  4.     Links on 9-11 Advance Warnings:

  5. Why was a HUD-DOD contractor with a known record for employee involvement in white slave trafficking & pedophilia given a $500 million sole source contract to manage the prisons, judiciary & enforcement in Iraq?
  6.     Links on War Profiteering:

  7. Why has America remained dependent on fossil fuels & long distance distribution agriculture?

  8.     Links on Peak Oil - Energy and Farming Policy:

  9. Why were Enron's board and senior management not indicted & convicted, and why were they allowed to keep their insider trading profits?

  10.     Links on Enron:

  11. Why was your then fellow Cabinet member and former Enron executive Thomas White allowed to hold onto significant shares of Enron Stock while serving as Secretary of the Army, sell $12 million of his shares based on insider trading tips just before the company's value fell sharply, why was he allowed to keep the profits and build a luxury mansion in Naples, Florida from the proceeds, and why was he not as a minimum reprimanded or asked to step down?
  12. Secretary Thomas White  Enron stock sales
    This graph from Senator Barbara Boxer's website shows the
    77 phone calls made by White to Enron insiders from his office and home
    as he sold off his remaining Enron shares and the company headed for Chapter 11;
    White was supposed to have sold all his shares before assuming office.

        Links on Thomas White and Enron:

  13. Why has the Bush Administration cut the Securities & Exchange Commission budget, and why have critical Zapata and Harken documents been destroyed or been difficult to get?

  14.     Related Links:

  15. What is the total value of the Bush Family Fortune - both offshore and onshore? and of the Bush Family Leadership -- Rumsfeld, Carlucci, Baker, Cheney, Armitage et al?

  16.     Links on Bush Family History:

    Iran Contra I & II: Using "National Security" to finance a dynasty with criminal enterprise: allegations & indictments of narcotics trafficking, arms trafficking, perjury, financial fraud, pedophilia & treason by Bush Family, Administration Appointees & Financial Backers

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