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UnAnswered Questions for Mel Martinez

As a Republican Candidate for Senate in 2004 you will need to convince Florida voters that you are fiscally responsible and can be trusted to represent them and their families. The following questions are intended to help illuminate your performance by "following the money trail" through key areas of your personal responsibility:

As Candidate for US Senate (Florida 2004)

  1. Who is financing your campaign?
  2.     Links on Campaign Financing:

  3. While you were HUD Secretary, how many of your trips to Florida were designed to 'grease the wheels' for your Senate campaign?
  4.     Links on HUD Florida Trips:

  5. Cui Bono (who benefits?): Who will make money if you help deliver Florida for the Republicans in 2004?

  6. Cui Bono: Who will make money if you help deliver Latino voters nationwide to the Republicans in 2004?

  7. Cui Bono: Who manages the $500 million - $1 billion (est.) of money laundered through the US financial system?

  8. You have recently joined the Akerman Senterfitt law firm in Orlando – what is your annual compensation, how many hours will you work, for what are you being compensated, and who are Akerman Senterfitt's ten largest paying clients?
  9.     Links Related To Martinez's Employer, Akerman Senterfitt:

  10. How have the Cuban people been affected by the imperial interests & ambitions of the Bush Family Network, including Skull & Bones, during the last four generations? Do you believe Cuba's future should be determined by the Cuban people or by global financial interests?
  11.     Links on Bush Family History:

  12. Do you believe that cleansing voter roles of Americans through War on Drugs and voter role fraud & replenishing them through immigration is an effective strategy for a political party?

  13.     Links on Financing the Presidential Campaign in 2000 and Efforts with Latino Voters:

  14. Do you support a draft & how can America's current military obligations be met without a draft?
  15.     Link on Florida Federal Contracts, including Defense:

  16. Do you support the privatization of Social Security?
    Given Your privatization of HUD assets at below market values & the last decade of global transfer of public assets to benefit private interests, is this not a form of piratization?
  17.     Links on Privatization "Give Aways" & Targeting of Leaders Who Insisted on Market Price:

  18. Do you believe that a municipality should be governed by its citizens & their elected representatives, or by corporate interests?

  19.     Links Related to Employment in Mel Martinez's Hometown:

  20. Who manages the Vatican's bank, investments & assets worldwide and in the US?
    What is Opus Dei & the Knights of Malta?
    Do you believe that elected officials should swear oaths to private groups that create potential conflicts of interest?
    Have you ever taken an oath that would confict with your oath of office & obligations to the people of Florida as a Senator?

  21.     Links Related to the Latest Best Seller Fictional Account of Opus Dei:

  22. Members of the Bush Administration have taken the position that "Deficits Don't Matter" – do you believe that deficits matter?
    What is your plan to finance the US deficit going forward?

  23.     Links Related to Growing US Deficits:

  24. Could greater US influence in the governance of Cuba help finance the US deficit and enhance Vatican and Bush Family wealth?
  25.     Links Related to Possible Invasion of Cuba:

  26. What is the economic outlook for the average American?
    How will federal & local privatizations after the election impact our security?
    Will subsidizing the stock market before the election have consequences afterwards?
  27.     Link Regarding Impact on the Economy:

  28. With $3.3 trillion disappearing from the US government, which refuses to produce audited financial statements or comply with reliable accounting practices and financial systems, the US federal government cooks its books Enron-style (the worst example of "cooked books" on the planet); a full 85% of the federal budget goes to fund fiscally unreliable federal agencies;
    so for example in 1999 the IRS collected $1.6 trillion in taxes from individual taxpayers, or $5,688 per US resident, of which $4,835 per US resident went to fund fiscally unreliable federal agencies – meanwhile jobs and healthcare, social security and retirement benefits are shrinking...?
  29.     Links on the Missing $Trillions and Failure of US Government to Recover the Money:

    • The War on Waste, CBS Evening News, January 29, 2002
      - reveals $2.3 trillion unaccounted for at US Dept. of Defense
    • Website:
      - details in a single year $1.1 trillion in assets missing from US Dept. of Defense (FY2000) and $59 billion missing from US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (FY1999)
    • Government Fails Fiscal-Fitness Test, by Kelly Patricia O Meara, Insight Magazine, April 29, 2002
      - summary analysis of US government agencies' own failing audit reports, including interview with then U.S. Comptroller General David Walker
    • Saving Tennessee - The Real Deal, by Catherine Austin Fitts, Scoop Media
      - provides Census Data for IRS income taxes, US population, etc., plus introductory background on the missing $trillions, fiscal irresponsibility, and pressing campaign questions for then Tennessee hopeful van Hillary

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